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  1. beefchopper

    Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres - Game #73 - Kershaw vs Snell - 6-22-21

    It has got to be better tonight than last night's horror show which was over in the first inning. Thankfully Mad Max has returned. T. Pham LF F. Tatis Jr. SS J. Cronenworth 2B M. Machado 3B W. Myers RF E. Hosmer 1B T. Grisham CF W. Rivas C B. Snell P M. Betts CF C. Taylor SS J. Turner 3B A...
  2. beefchopper

    Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals - Game #55 - David Price vs John Gant - 6-1-21

    Nice comeback win last night. Let's turn it into a streak. Belli sits for Albert. M. Betts RF M. Muncy 2B J. Turner 3B W. Smith C3 G. Lux SS C. Taylor CF A. Pujols 1B M. Beaty LF D. Price P T. Edman 2B D. Carlson CF P. Goldschmidt 1B N. Arenado 3B Y. Molina C T. O'Neill LF E. Sosa SS J...
  3. beefchopper

    Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals - Game #54 - Trevor Bauer vs Jack Flaherty - 5-31-21

    After a hideous series against the Giants in which the front line starters all failed, the Dodgers face the Cards. All of the front line starters are in the lineup today with the exception of Seager. There are no hoovers and with Bauer on the mound, no excuses. The only problem is when you...
  4. beefchopper

    Game #16 - Dodgers vs Padres - Bauer vs. Snell - 4-18-21

    In a series ripe with an incredible amount of drama for April baseball, the only issue left for the Dodgers is whether they can sweep. All the pressure is on the Padres now to see if they can salvage anything from this home series and hold their big, brash heads up. I'd love to see the Dodgers...
  5. beefchopper

    Game #15 - Dodgers vs Padres - Kershaw vs. Darvish - 4-17-21

    Hard to imagine today's game will be an emotional rollercoaster of the magnitude of last night's game but who knows? Also, hard to believe any game could have been played in April with as much intensity on both sides as the one we just witnessed. Was yesterday just a one off or the first of...
  6. beefchopper

    Game #14 - Dodgers vs Padres - Buehler vs. Weathers - 4-16-21

    This is the first real test for the Dodgers in 2021. Certainly how they did against the Dodgers had something to do with it, but every game the Dodgers have played this year has been against a team that is in last place in their respective divisions. Now they face a far more potent opponent...
  7. beefchopper

    Game #13 - Dodgers vs Rockies - Urias vs. Gomber - 4-15-21

    The Dodgers try to complete a sweep of the Rockies sans Mookie on Jackie Robinson Day that has already seen the Red Sox end their nine game winning streak, the Padres finally beating the Pirates and Patrick Corbin managing to give up 10 runs (9 earned) in two innings,. Going into this...
  8. beefchopper

    Game #12 - Dodgers vs Rockies - May vs. Gray - 4-14-21

    I just noticed that when I copied and pasted the title of yesterday's thread I butchered it. Sure didn't hurt the Dodgers, though. JT returns from his vacation and Zach displaces Pollock. Interesting to note that Barnes is starting when neither Kershaw nor Buehler are on the mound. GO BLUE...
  9. beefchopper

    Game #11 - Dodgers vs Washington Rockiess - Bauer vs. Senzatela - 4-13-21

    We need to keep feeding on the bottom dweller clubs with the Pads breathing down our necks. Mookie returns to help but no Zach attack to make room for solid waste Pollock. GO BLUE! DODGERS M. Betts RF C. Seager SS C. Taylor CF M. Muncy 1B W. Smith C G. Lux 2B A. Pollock LF E. Rios 3B T. Bauer...
  10. beefchopper

    Game #10 - Dodgers vs Washington Nationals - Kershaw vs. Scherzer - 4-11-21

    It seems crazy not to have a thread even if the ball was dropped so here it is. the battle of the Cy's. Go Blue.
  11. beefchopper

    Game #7 Dodgers (Bauer) vs A's (Luzardo) 4/7/21

    I probably won't be around near game time and don't want to be late twice in a row so am starting this very early. Mr. Strut can't be the one to break the string so Go Blue.
  12. beefchopper

    Game #6 Dodgers (Kershaw) vs A's (Bassitt) 4/6/21

    Ooops! Sorry I dropped the ball and am late with the thread.
  13. beefchopper

    Game #5 Dodgers (May) vs A's (Montas) 4/5/21

    Keep it rolling, Blue! Dodgers M. Betts RF C. Seager SS Turner 3B C. Bellinger CF W. Smith C M. Muncy DH C. Taylor 2B E. Rios 1B Z. McKinstry LF Athletics M. Canha CF Lowrie 2B M. Olson 1B M. Moreland DH M. Chapman 3B S. Murphy C K. Tom RF E. Andrus SS T. Kemp LF
  14. beefchopper

    Game #4 Dodgers (Urias) vs Rockies (Gomber) 4/4/21

    I won't be near a computer during most or all of this game so am starting the thread while I still can. GO BLUE!
  15. beefchopper

    Game #3 Dodgers (Buehler) vs Rockies (Gray) 4/3/21

    After the brutally grueling stretch of two straight games (following a day off), Roberts decides to rest three regulars representing a major chunk of his offense in a sporting gesture to accept a handicap and make the game more competitive. Also of note is after not using Lux at all last year...
  16. beefchopper

    Game #2 Dodgers vs Rockies 4/2/21

    I knew I had to start a thread because BC is anxious to let us know how happy she is to see the 2021 debut of Pollock. And he kills the first inning rally, no less! Anyway, not thanks to Pollock the good guys score twice in the first and lead 2-0 after 1 1/2.
  17. beefchopper

    Rockies at Dodgers 8/22/20

    Okay, in honor of a start by Carrot Top I'll start the thread. Go Blue.
  18. beefchopper

    3/8/20 vs Rangers

    Nice to see Fresh Prince contribute with a solid double to plate two.
  19. beefchopper

    World Series, Game 5: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox - Clayton Kershaw vs. David Price - 10-28-18

    At this point what can you say? Do you believe in miracles? Can a diminished Kershaw put the team on his shoulders and win an elimination World Series game, something he wasn't able to do even when he was "the best pitcher on the planet"? Maybe more importantly, does this team have the...
  20. beefchopper

    Game 22 4/24/18 Dodgers vs Marlins Maeda vs Peters

    The Dodgers are facing a pitcher who threw 6 shutout innings in his first start and has gotten absolutely annihilated in each of three starts since. Time to pad the batting stats tonight boys. On the other hand. Maeda-san should be hearing footsteps. Ryu is pitching well, Hill comes back soon...