NSFW Game 4 vs Nats


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Jan 10, 2017
I agree to a certain extent. On the Dodgers post game show after that debacle of a loss in Game 4, Hairston raised many valid points and concerns. What really stood out to me is when he said (mind you in a sterile complimentary way) how the Dodgers are the most prepared team he has ever seen. Now, on the outside this sounds like a huge compliment but what he was saying is that for every possible scenario that occurs on the field they have a scripted response. This completely takes away the spontaneity of the situation at hand and renders emotions and gut instinxts and just feel for the game as a moot point. Robot Baseball! I for one am sick and tired at their swing for the fences approach. The Nationals are not playing that way!!! They want to win and have taken advantage of many of the Dodgers refusals to adjust. I can see a hail storm of criticism headed their way. Friedman and Roberts will be called to task. Shit the whole damn money making bloated machine should be called to task.
Indeed, Hairston who is usually a big mouth piece, like Vassegh, for Roberts & Co. was bemoaning the decisions made. He talked of the extreme shifts that have bitten the Dodgers in the series losses. He sees Trea Turner & Howie Kendrick purposely hitting away from the shift which have led to runs, saying that this strategy works during the long regular season but not for a short series or one game. Then he couldn't believe, like most of the fandom, that Freese wasn't used to pinch hit w/bases loaded instead of Taylor. Roberts saved Freese for the 9th inning down 5 w/no shot of coming back. As for the game script inferred, I agree that the Dodgers go overboard on the analytics. When Hill couldn't go the scripted 4 innings, Roberts was forced to make in game BP decisions that turned out to be a disaster. Again, Hairston agreed w/us about pulling a cruising Maeda for Urias who hasn't pitched back to back all year save once. Maeda is a starting pitcher capable of multiple innings. The best starters get the most appearances/innings in the postseason these days. The excuses/justifications by Roberts after the fact on all his moves are just as nonsensical as the moves.