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I haven't seen you on the board in some time and hope you're well and all's okay on your end.
It would be nice to meet you. Never know where my seats will be since I have an inside connection with the Dodgers who gets them for me. They are usually field boxes behind the third base dugout anywhere from Row 2 to the very back. (Usually very back at Arlington.) My cell number is 936.828.0829 if you'd like to text or call. Since my tix are at Player Will Call, can't get in until 60 min prior to game time.
TX Dodger
TX Dodger
Hello Jerry. Sorry I did not see your message from earlier this month. I did not get any notifications of a message. Had I not seen your post earlier tonight, I would not have known there was a PM.
My Wife and son will be joining me at the game and we too will be on the Dodgers side. We will be near the Dodger on deck circle in section 22. It would be great to meet you. I'll shoot a message once we get there.
Are you going to the Dodgers two games in Arlington later this month? My wife and I will be there.
I joined the board as VicSaunders, became TrueAggie when I already had a Yuku account by that name. Now I'm back to Vic Saunders.
I joined the message board in 2000 as backto1988 then became Loneymiller before changing to bluengineer based on my love of the minors.